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About Ink Cloud

Ink Cloud is a leading software solutions provider for the print industry and the next generation of Print Tech. Print better, faster, and smarter through our all-in-one cloud based platform. Ink Cloud is a software solutions provider for the print industry. The Ink Cloud software-as-a-service MIS platform is an end-to-end solution that powers print brokers, print retailers and large commercial printers. Inkcloud’s platform reduces friction, increases efficiency while providing substantial cost savings unlike its outdated competitors. Developed by enterprise software and print business experts over the past 5 years, Inkcloud’s products address modern day print business needs.

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Our Team

Our team is comprised of veterans in the print, software and start-up space with over 30 years of combined experience.

Adam Homsi

Adam is the founder and owner of InkCloud. He is a veteran of the print industry and architect of the Ink Cloud.Previously, he Started a global trade print company. 12,000 acquired customers, $15 million dollars in revenue, and 4 years later was acquired.

Niall McSheffrey

Niall is a veteran in the software and investment industry. After successful running a software services company for 10 years he founded Elementz Ventures, a VC fund investing in software technology startups. He is advising Ink Cloud with Sales, Marketing and market expansion.

Justin Kwok

Justin is a verteran print broker and also an ealry adotpter of the Ink Cloud platfrom. He brings his extesnive customer centric experience to assist in client onboarding as well as customer support issues.

Technology & Support Team

We have a dedicated software engineering team that continues to develop and support features for the Ink Cloud platform. In addition we have a flex services team that provides full services for all print jobs as needed.

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