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Modernize Your Print Business with InkCloud's MIS

Outsiders may not realize how important the printing industry is. Yes, the industry is struggling with intensifying competition from digital and online channels. Still, we live in a world full of printed products - from newspapers, magazines, brochures, books to advertising materials and event tickets. People have different products in their hands yet seldom recognize that packages need printers. There are many opportunities for our industry. All you need is to take action and modernize your business ASAP. Read more

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Why My Print Business Will Thrive With Inkcloud's Platform

If you wonder whether your business will thrive with InkCloud’s MIS (Management Information System), this is the article for you. Of course, the quick answer is yes. After all, InkCloud’s ambition is to bring a flexible and complete print management solution to the industry. Nevertheless, this article presents detailed explanations of why InkCloud’s MIS is what your business needs. Read more

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A converstion with Adam Homsi, founder and owner of InkCloud.

I co-founded a trade print business called GR Print in the mid-2000s. At the time I knew very little about printing but I was an experienced software developer. There was nothing(software) off the shelf to power a company, so I ended up building our own software system to run the print business operations. Every day I was working with the print operations, doing sales, shipping, customer support, whatever was needed and then at night, I wrote code to solve different print business problems. Read more...

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