GR Rrint Case Study

Print Broker on Steroids

GR Print Increased Traffic by 35% with InkCloud

GR Print is an established trade-printer known for specialty-papers and short quantities based out of Southern California. When Ark Andoun, an industry veteran with over 20 years of operating experience took over the company in 2018, he knew there was a huge potential for improvement.

Though GR had a web-to-print storefront and an existing print management system, it was looking to further streamline its operations. GR's legacy system was brittle and expensive to maintain. Pre-press, production, and shipping still had too many touch points which translated into higher costs and places where human error could be introduced.

Moving its operations onto the Ink Cloud platform meant GR no longer had to maintain and operate legacy software systems. By using IC Dashboard, GR instantly had access to powerful functionality and deep visibility into its workflow. It's storefront, was migrated to IC Store Fronts, giving GR's marketing effort flexibility in theming, content-control. GR opted to use IC Flex service, allowing it to reduce it's pre-press human resources. This also meant that orders were being processed faster and queued at the press in 85% less time.

Workflow automation meant that order processing from intake, pre-flight to imposition output meant the first time GR would have a touchpoint would be at the press, on the queue.


Time to press-ready reduced by 85%

35% increase in organic search traffic

Savings of $6000 per month in pre-press